Saturday, January 22, 2011

Controversial Topics: My Defense of Justin Bieber

I'll say it, I'm a fan of Justin Bieber. Most of my Facebook friends probably know this because I have made a few status updates about Beebs, and most recently I posted this picture:

Yeah, that's me and one of my BFFs Sarah, and the Justin Bieber calendar she got me for Christmas. I guess you could call her an enabler.

I think it's one of the Understatements of the Year that not a lot of people over the age of 15 like Justin Bieber, and I just don't get it. Personally, I think he has a lot going for him. Consider:

1. A killer entourage. I think we've all heard the story about how Beebs became famous, but just in case someone hasn't, let me recap here. His mom had posted some videos of him singing on YouTube and this guy who used to work for So So Def (as in, Jermaine Dupri's record label....quick flashback to high school: money ain't a thang....) saw the videos and called Justin's mom up. After he made his demo tapes, Beebs had Usher and Justin Timberlake fighting over who was going to sign him. You read that right - USHER and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, A-list music artists. Usher eventually won the war (yeah man) and the rest is history. Say what you want, but if Usher is in a bidding war with Justin Timberlake over you, something legit is going on. And since Usher is now, for all intents and purposes, Justin Bieber's boss, I would say Justin has a pretty serious posse when he rolls up in the club. (He is only 16, so I don't think he should be rolling up in a club. But I digress.)

2. Catchy songs. I might be a white girl, but I know a good tune when I hear one and Bieber's got some hot beats. You can't tell me one female on this Earth who doesn't want to be "One Less Lonely Girl," and you have to be on another level of creative to figure out how to cleverly incorporate "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo" into a pop song (with Sean Kingston making a cameo appearance, no less.....see point #1 above.)

3. He's not the only young pop star....who started out looking like a total dork and ended up making it big time. Cases in point:

The man himself, Mr. Timberlake, circa Mickey Mouse Club days.

Professionally known as Mark Wahlberg, you might recognize this heartbreaker as Marky Mark, circa the Funky Bunch days. Now if this man hasn't done a 180, I don't know who has.

Ricky Martin, circa Menudo days. Total dork. Come to think of it, Dear Boyfriend just pointed out that young Ricky & Justin Bieber share a striking resemblance to each other at this age. Coincidence? And yes I know Ricky Martin is gay, and yes I know a lot of people think Justin Bieber is, but we aren't here to discuss that. We are discussing his legitimacy as an artist.

Love him or hate him, I'll put good money on it that when a Justin Bieber song comes on the radio, you at least know the words to the chorus. So own it already! If you just can't bring yourself to do it, think of it this way....supporting Justin Bieber is like supporting Usher's bank account. That might make you feel a little better.